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Forever Fishbowl

Excited to share with you a project recently dreamed up, designed, created, and of course, constructed in our very own downtown art studio!  Take a BIG splash into our ~ DIY Forever Fishbowls!  This project was created, carried out, and creatively constructed in several of our mixed age, six-week, after school, hands-on + mixed media, art workshops creating with young artists!

Beyond excited to also announce hands on + mixed media + NEW ART WORKSHOPS START NEXT WEEK for a wide array of ages!  Hop on over to ENROLL AT HANDMAKERY.COM as spaces are quickly filling!  While visiting, peek at new photos on our site and IG feed!

As you can clearly see, artists used a wide array of mixed media to bring their vision to life!  Below, you’ll discover all you need to create your very own ~ DIY Forever Fishbowl.  The big + beautiful bonus, you’ll never send a fish into fishy heaven, EVER EVER EVER again.  YES, this fishy will truly live F-O-R-E-V-E-R and children LOVE this fact!  Like, XOXOXO times a million or LOVE for a lifetime!

Don’t you just love this little mermaid basking on the beach?  So proudly displayed by this mini maker with creative confidence in her colorful community.  On another note, beyond excited to be featured this month in the Roaring Fork Lifestyle Magazine as the Featured Feed! @HANDMAKERY was included in some of the Valley’s most creative makers on Instagram!  Yes, we’re blushing!

This children’s art studio in Carbondale is a must-follow account filled with colorful snaps of mini-locals who create, paint, craft, drawn, and sprinkle joy.  #handmademagic

-Roaring Fork Lifestyle Magazine

There is no doubt this project was LOVED by children of all ages!  We had artists ages 5+ designing dreamy fishbowls, creating incredibly unique creatures, and building the most clever habitats!   The beauty of process-based art, you ask?  This playful process provides endless possibilities and open-ended opportunities to experience a wide spectrum of mix media.  Children absolutely LOVE creating small worlds that come alive through imagination, yet totally tactile with tons of tiny parts they can interact with to the touch.


  • Fishbowl (plastic)
  • Black and white photo of artist printed to size
  • Permanent markers- black and colored
  • Tempera paints in a neon pallet
  • Glue- white glue and hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Clay- Sculpey and Model Magic
  • Bubble wrap (this may be used in front of photos to create a bubbly texture)
  • Fish rocks
  • Seashells
  • Glass rocks
  • Watercolor paper or heavy-weight paper
  • Shrinky dinks
  • Craft sticks + wooden dowels (tiny)
  • Colored straws both in paper and plastic
  • Glitter
  • Slick paint in neon and glow-in-the-dark
  • Embellishments- pom poms, glitter and solid colored sticky foam, beads, stickers, muffin tin papers, neon patterned paper, pipe cleaners, gems, washi and duck tape and more!


ONE  Sketch your vision for an aquatic habitat using your BIG imagination.  Let ideas overflow.  Sketch with pencil and large paper by going BIG, really BIG!  Ideas might include fish, sea creatures, boats, plantlife, mermaids, divers, anchors, volcanos, castles, chests of jewels, sunken treasures, shells, caves, castles, and more!

TWO  Use shrinky dinks and black permanent marker to create creatures and ocean treasures.  Add color by using permanent markers.  Once shrinky dinks are complete, cut out and baked or keep at full (unbaked) size.  This is a fantastic material for its transparency quality.  Plastic straw and/or wooden stick can be hot glued at the base, to then be easily pushed into a clay base.

The plants and patterns (above) were created by an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G five-year-old artist, really!  Divide large, heavy-weight paper into smaller sections so you have a ballpark on how big drawings can range so they actually fit inside your fishbowl.

THREE  Study a sampling of aquatic plants.  Lightly sketch out simplified plants that might live in water or a fishbowl habitat using a pencil on heavier weight watercolor paper.  Outline with black permanent marker and paint using fluorescent tempera paints and watercolor brushes.  Cut out and embellish using neon slick paint and glow-in-the-dark paint for added highlight and texture, but be sure to make time to dry overnight.  Use wooden dowels (toothpick size) to create a stem so plants have a simple support structure to secure into a clay base.  Remember shrinky dinks need to be hot glued to sticks and cut plastic straws, while paper plants on wooden sticks can simply be attached with white glue.

FOUR  Move into designing the main creature using colored polymer clay or Sculpey.  When your clay creature is complete, simply bake in an oven to harden, following directions provided.  Polymer clay or Sculpey is a fantastic option for strength and maintaining vibrant colors while staying true to fine detail.  Colors can easily be mixed but the selection of vibrant colors available are quite tempting.  We selected colors to flow with our neon color pallet for this overall project.

This sweet sea turtle shows the fine detail and vibrancy that can be captured using this fantastic product.  Glitter can also be added, after a creature is baked, to make swirling shells + scales sparkle and shine!  Pre-poke holes for wooden sticks into the underneath of the clay creatures so when support sticks are added with hot glue, the creature is much more secure.  Creatures like turtles or “heavy creatures” need very short sticks to be supported on top of the clay base.  It is also helpful if the clay base has time to firm for added “creature” support.

FIVE  Usie plexiglass to photograph the artist so they look like they’re peeking into the fishbowl from behind the glass.  Photos can be printed in black and white using high contrast + high-quality photo paper.  Trace around the bowl with pencil, cutout, and hot glued edge to the back of the fishbowl so the face appears to be looking in.  Expressions might include surprise eyes, fishy lips, hands pressing against the glass, kissy lips, silly faces, and more!  Artists LOVE seeing their photos in print.  This piece really personalizes the project, making it completely priceless!

SIX  Create a thick clay base.  We used Model Magic.  If you haven’t used this clay before it’s the BEST.  Kids LOVE working with it.  Add white glue to the bottom of your fishbowl’s interior to secure in place.  Use hands to spread out clay.  Leave space between the front glass and clay base so rocks can be pressed into this area for added texture and color.  This base will be the foundation for adding pieces upright.

SEVEN  Brush white glue onto the clay base so shells, glass stones, and fish rocks can be added securely.  Artists love making selections of tiny treasures!  Simply press items into place within the clay base.

EIGHT  Add the main clay creature first.  Hot glue creatures onto sticks so they can be secure on the clay base.  Place creatures towards the front of the fishbowl so it can easily be seen and so it becomes the center of interest.  Arrange paper plants and plastic shrinky dink pieces that have been pre-glued onto wooden sticks and straws into the clay base.  Work on creating foreground, middle ground, and background to create a layered look.  Play with multi-levels of height so photo and all handmade treasures can be seen from all angles.  Be sure to white glue every addition before poking down into the clay base.  It takes several weeks for clay to fully dry, rearranging can continue as clay begins to firm.  Young artists love to be able to play with their aquatic habitats and move the parts and pieces around.

Gem stickers can be added to the exterior of the bowl to create shimmery bubbles!

Love how this artist used stickers for an exquisite pattern while mastering the art of layering.

NINE  If you have an overabundance of paper plants, these can become a fantastic addition once hot glued onto the “upper back” of the fishbowl for added sculptural dimension and pizazz!

A peek into one of our mini-exhibits + recognition ceremonies celebrating mini makers showcasing their ~ DIY Forever Fishbowls with friends and family.  Definitely a festive night at 449 Main Street in downtown Carbondale, Colorado in the heART of the Carbondale Creative District!

TEN  Another delightful detail can be embellishing around the top opening of your fishbowl.  Use tiny paper garland, pom pom ribbon, actual hot glued pom poms or cutout shapes of sparkly sticky foam repeated into various patterns for a few bits of delightful detail!  If you decide to create a ~ Forever Fishbowl, we’d love to see your mini masterpiece!  Simply tag @handmakery on Instagram!  We look forward to seeing what you create in this underwater world full of whimsy and wonder, and NO water!  Oh YES, and don’t forget to check out our NEW ART WORKSHOPS STARTING NEXT WEEK!



Did you know we’re now carrying some of our favorite art lines including Ooly, Eeboo, Ms. Grossman’s Sticker Factory, Banquet Workshop and our own signature line of tees + totes!?!  So fantastic for gift giving!

Discover HANDMAKERY on Instagram + Facebook + Pinterest + Mailing List + Enroll via!  Look for us in the Mountain Parent Magazine celebrating life in the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado!  Come take a peek inside our lovely + NEW + modern + bright + colorful art studio located at 449 Main Street in downtown + historic Carbondale | CO!  Until next time, keep creating and don’t forget we host the best hands-on + personalized birthday parties!!!  Here’s a peek at one of our most recent birthday parties that was featured on @Kidscrafts101!  Take a peek at what’s happening inside our studio on and over at @handmakery on IG!  Thank you for following along on this ARTful adventure! Much love, Ami

Art Workshops + Weaving with Kids

Happy New Year!!!  Looking back, one of our most favorite workshops for children included ~ wee Wondrous Weavings on Wooden Looms!  Oh my, the possibilities of textile design!  These mini-masterpieces were created by 6 – 10-year-old artists!  Our NEW ~ 2018 Winter Art Workshop Brochure is hot-of-the-press!  Workshops start early January, yes this week and they’re filling up fast, just hop on over to our simple SIGN UP!  If you’re looking for hands-on + mixed media + creative expression + an artful highlight to each week + a chance to meet new families and friends JOIN US + ENROLL TODAY!  You can also connect with us on Instagram @handmakery to keep an eye on what we’re creating in the studio from special art events to birthday parties, and of course everything in between at our NEW art studio located at 449 Main Street in Carbondale | CO in the heart of the Carbondale Creative District!


We loved using sleek + stylish ~ Hand Made Modern wooden looms and a wide array of natural + synthetic yarns and fibers!  Each artist created a color + texture pallet to inspire their individualized creation.  This process was calming, peaceful, and of course very social.  Let’s be honest, young artists didn’t want to stop the weaving process when each of the six-week workshops ended.  Looking forward to the next time we offer this hands-on workshop!  Love how unique each piece was to each artist.  Let’s just say personalities shined + showcased in the process and finished product!  If only these weaving could tell the story of the process and share the little conversations happening in the studio, oh wait, they do just that!  Look close and listen!  Think you’ll be amazed at the creations of these precious + little hands!

Okay, does this weaving pretty much match the personality of this artist!?!

After weavings were finished, artists added a wooden dowels + pom poms to accent their mini masterpiece!  My daughter’s weaving shines in the entry of the art studio and it makes me smile every time I see it!  A handmade treasure created by her little hands at age seven.  These are the things we’ll keep near and dear to our hearts as our children grow.

Discover HANDMAKERY on Instagram + Facebook + Pinterest + Mailing List + Enroll via!  Look for us in the Winter 2018 Mountain Parent Magazine, celebrating life in the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado!  Come take a peek inside our lovely + NEW + modern + bright + colorful art studio now located at 449 Main Street in downtown + historic Carbondale | CO!  Until next time, keep creating and don’t forget we host the best hands-on + personalized birthday parties!!!  See for yourself on Instagram and take a peek at our NEW photos on!

DIY Papier-mâché Figures

Incredibly excited to share with you our original ~ DIY Papier-mache Figures created in our Mini Makers Workshop with 5 – 10 year old artists!  Our next session of weekly art workshops begins the week of October 16th, YES, next week!  We have a workshop for just about every age under the sun!  Take a peek at our upcoming schedule filled with weekly workshops, craft nights, holiday camps + events, and celebrations!  Excited to announce we’re now hosting birthday parties in our beautiful + NEW art studio on Main Street!  Be on the lookout for our first ever ~ Ladies Craft Night coming soon!


  • Recycled plastic bottle
  • Wire
  • Drill
  • Masking tape
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Brown paper bags
  • Papier-mâché
  • Foil
  • Paintbrushes
  • Pencil
  • Permanent marker
  • Acrylic paints
  • Glues- gluestick, white glue, hot glue gun
  • Paper straws
  • Cupcake papers
  • Washi tapes
  • Embellishments- pom poms, glitter foam, colored felt sheets, buttons, yarn, patterned paper, sparkly pipe cleaners, stars, paper umbrellas and more!


ONE  Start with a recycled bottle, we used coffee creamer bottles collected over several months of sipping coffee to start our day.  These bottles were very easy to rinse out and store.  Begin by completely covering a plastic bottle using torn paper bag pieces, dip in paper mache mixture, and smoothed on.  Add three or more layers of paper mache for strength.  Smooth.  Dry.  Using wire, thin cardboard, masking tape, and scissors to create arms, ears, a face, and accessories for your determined character or creature.  The bottle needs to be be predrilled for arm wire and secured with tape.  Foil or paper can also be used to shape the face.  Once your sculptures are solid and secure with masking tape, layer and smooth with additional paper mache.  Dry fully overnight.

TWO  Select a beautiful pallet of color.  We used acrylic paints in a gorgeous range of hues.

THREE  Here you can see the variety of characters and creatures all featuring expressive gestures!  Many creatures have ears, crowns, hats, headpieces, and more to personalize the sculpture. With this project artists started with a vision rather than a sketch so characters could evolve and so artists could be flexible with the direction their figure decided to venture!

FOUR  Plan out a color scheme and make a plan for painting your overall piece.  Sketch divisions.  Start with base colors.  Paint.  Dry.

FIVE  Once the main colors are dried, detail with a smaller brush while exploring pattern repetition and complementing colors.  Once dry, use items such as pom poms, cupcake papers, felt, foam, washi tapes, pom pom ribbon, and collage items to embellish with glue.  For legs, use patterned paper straws and hot glue.  For detail of face, sketch eyes, mouths, and cheeks using pencil and colored pencil on white paper.  Carefully cut out and simply attached with gluestick.  Secure with a clear coated on top.  Add eyelashes and eyebrowls with a fine point permanent marker.

Love the style of this expressive artist and his character with shades + stripes + a side hat!

So many sweet details to add!  This miraculous mouse makes me go squeak-squeak-eek!!!

Loved the variety of expressive figures in our mini maker collection ~ bunnies, magicians, princesses, queens, mice, and more!

If you decide to use our project for inspiration, we’d would LOVE for you to tag @handmakery on Instagram!

Discover HANDMAKERY on Instagram + Facebook + Pinterest + Mailing List + Enroll via!  Look for us in the Fall 2017 Mountain Parent Magazine, celebrating life in the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado!  Come take a peek inside our lovely + NEW + modern + bright + colorful art studio now located at 449 Main Street in downtown + historic Carbondale | CO!  Tonight we’ll be celebrating with a mini exhibit + recognition ceremony for all artists in our six week workshop ~ mini House for a Modern Mouse at 5:30 PM in the studio!  Come by, take a peek, and say hello!  Next round of workshops start next week, October 16th!  Join us in the studio for an 8-week Winter-IE WonderLAND session + more!  Until next time, keep creating!

Opening Night Celebration!

First Friday was our ~ Opening Night Celebration at our NEW art studio location at 449 Main Street in downtown Carbondale | CO!  With a wide array of ages and not knowing exactly how many guests we’d have joining in, we kept it celebratory + simple + full of dazzle, painting and embellishing ~ Celebration Crowns!  Main Street was blocked so everyone could enjoy an evening strolling the streets of historic downtown!  The night was festive and full of flavor, with everyone back-in-town from summer adventures.  The community was alive, vibrant, and actively adventuring around this artistic town!

Opening Night on Main Street!


We hope you’re enjoying the last days of summer!  Have you heard the news!?!  HANDMAKERY just moved to Main Street!  We’ve been working all summer to get our new studio up, running, and ready for HANDMAKERY’S Opening Night Celebration ~ First Friday, September!  We’re so excited to be located in downtown Carbondale | CO!  We’ll now be located in the heart of historic downtown at 449 Main Street, in between flowers, yoga, coffee and across from piping hot pizza, sounds tempting, right!?!  Yes, we definately have the BEST neighbors!  We’re incredibly excited to be part of the community and the Carbondale Creative District!

Summer involved planning, designing, constructing, ordering, organizing, and decorating our new studio which we LOVED!  Highlights of our new space include: being nestled in the heart of the community, 14′ ceilings, timeless wood floors, historic charm, a crisp + clean + modern flair, natural lighting + big windows, all our favorite art supplies, and maybe our favorite element…  a teeny-tiny restroom!


September 1st | First Friday 4 – 8 PM

HANDMAKERY’S Opening Night Celebration + First Friday ~ FREE Art Making + Suprise Giveaways + Studio Tour!


We hosted a ~ Studio Sneak Peek + Free Kids Art Making last Thursday from 4-6 PM!  Several families + creatives came to tour the NEW studio and out-on-the-town to create ~ a wondrous wearable~ to shine + showcase + sport + spotlight around town on ~ First Friday, September 1st!  We had 100+ people attend this spectacular evening event!  A HUGE thank you to everyone that attended our first event!  The support for mini makers on Main (…and coming soon BIG maker events….including adults, ladies, couples, family + friends) was incredible!  See additional photos of the sneak peek in this week’s Sopris Sun newspaper on page 8!

Take a peek at our video-clip gone-wild over on Instagram, highlighting all the artful activity of our ~ Studio Sneak Peek!

At the ~ Studio Sneak Peek, artists created {hands on + mixed media} Owl Feathered Necklaces using cardboard, beads, jumbo pipe cleaners, markers, glue, stickers, string, sparkles and more!  Everyone had a great time in the studio!  Over the last several years over on Instagram, I’ve admired Wendee Wingfield, a local + Roaring Fork Valley photographer.  Wendee RSVPed to our event, I couldn’t even believe it!  We had never met before but when she walked in with her five children, I was beyond thrilled to finally meet Wendee and her children in person!  Wendee Wingfield generously sent me a gorgeous collection of photos she took of the ~ Owl Feathered Necklaces her children created in our NEW art studio on Main Street.  If you’re not on IG yet, it’s a fantastic place to meet new friends with similar interests!  Find us on IG @handmakery!

Take a glimpse at Wendee’s Wingfield’s photos below and discover her amazing talent + beautiful collection over on IG @wendeewingfield!  You’ll be amazed at what she sees through her lens and the life she creates!

Photo credit (below): Wendee Wingfield Photography

Myself the Elf Christmas Countdown

Excited to share with you our original, Myself the Elf Christmas Countdown!  A project dreamed up for our Modish Mini Makers art workshop ~ On Holiday: making + creating to give!  A handmade treasure that can be used year-after-year for a traditional holiday countdown and also for teeny-tiny treasures!  Love how they look so much like their mini makers! Take a peek!

This week I’m guest judging the KIDSCRAFTS101 WEEKLY CHALLENGE over on Instagram!  Simply tag all your kid crafts, #kidscrafts101.  Just follow @kidscrafts101, co-hosts @redtedart + @incredibusy, and guest judge @handmakery over on IG!  Tag all your #kidscrafts101 throughout the week and I’ll feature a collage collection and highlight the makers on Sunday!  Truly hope you’ll join us, such a fabulous way to celebrate creativity + craftiness + childhood + a colorful life + connection thru community!  It’s absolutely a fantastic + fun-filled + fabulous adventure!  If you haven’t yet joined Instagram, it’s incredibly easy!  I’ve met so many wonderful people locally and throughout the world on this platform.  Here’s a peek at a few inspiring IG feeds to follow to get you started!


  • 3D countdown calendar with 25 mini drawers
  • Patterned papers
  • Clear packaging tape
  • Light chipboard and single ply cardboard
  • Pencil + Scissors + Ruler + Utility knife for adult use
  • Handmade patterns to personalize
  • Duck tape
  • Paper + papier-mache + bowl
  • Paint- tempera
  • White glue + glue stick + hot glue gun + hot glue
  • Wooden paint stir stick
  • Embellishments- pom poms, glitter foam, colored felt sheets, buttons, and more!
  • Printable and tiny chocolates

Art Workshop for Children


Join us!  Today we’re celebrating my dear friend, Barbara Rucci of Art Bar Blog, and her #1 New Release, Art Workshop for Children: How to Foster Original Thinking with more than 25 Process Art Experiences!  Beyond excited to highlight two inspired projects from this book that we themed under an Art Bar Dessert Party: Cakes + Doughnuts with young artists in our own studio!  Here’s a creative clip to give you an idea, just how beautiful Bar’s new book is for creating a creative childhood.  To get the inside scoop, juicy details, chance to meet the maker and all her magic, dive in here!

Barbara invited me to join her book blog tour that will feature 26+ amazing kid + art bloggers.  Over the summer I had the honor to preview and endorse Bar’s new book, Art Workshop for Children.  I was on a three day camping trip, and basically couldn’t put this incredible book down.  After returning, completely inspired, I preordered it on Amazon and spent all fall anxiously awaiting its arrival!  When my book arrived on October 15, it felt amazing to finally have it in my hands.  It’s truly a gem that will shine in our studio for years to come.  Beyond amazed at all the 25+ creative workshops, simple in both setup and supplies!  Bar basically delivers a rich, open-ended, studio experience, keyed into unleashing a child’s creativity.  Bar unfolds an easy to follow, beautifully visual layout, that guides one towards expressive exploration and artistic discovery in a studio, classroom, or home.

Ice Cream Truck Sculpture

Warm weather brings childhood memories of an ice cream truck sounding and strolling neighborhood streets.  In our recent workshop ~ BEEP BEEP! SWEET TREATS, artists created ~ Ice Cream Truck Sculptures!  Love that we still have a few days to celebrate and soak up summer!  The workshop week was spectacular and our mini makers were beaming to exhibit their one-of-a-kind creations.  Along with an ice cream truck, each artist also created a mini picnic table and  handmade sweet treats for imaginative + interactive play!  Turn it up and take a peek at our short + sweet clip to an ice cream truck melody, highlighting the wondrous week!

You may have seen our Collaged Ice Cream Cones created with children in our outdoor art studio for a recent downtown event.  My friend Bar Rucci, over at Art Bar Blog was a huge inspiration in creating these paper sprinkled + cherry topped cones.  Take a look at her fantastic process creating Paper Mache Ice Cream Sundaes and Cardboard Ice Cream Cones!  Here’s a little secret, Barbara has a beyond inspiring book coming out this fall which I’ve had the opportunity to preview (cover to cover) and preorder ~ Art Workshop for Children: How to Foster Original Thinking with more than 25 Process Art Experiences.  All I can say is reserve your copy today, it’s truly one of the BEST BOOKS for creating with children that’s ever hit the printing press.  Personally promise it will be a studio go-to and gem that you’ll open again and again!

On a side note, Handmade Charlotte just shared the cutest + tiniest + tastiest treat, Gingerbread Ice Cream Trucks!  Maybe you’ve also seen Hello Wonderful’s DIY Pretend Play Ice Cream Cones using plaster?  Just a wee bit in love with both ideas!

Enrollment is currently underway and filling quickly for our 2016/17 School Year {mixed-media + hands-on} Art Workshops.  Follow our artful adventure on Instagram and Facebook, would absolutely love to connect, collaborate, and create community through children + creativity!

Camping Under the Night Sky

Happy Summertime!  Hope you’re enjoying some much deserved outdoor time with family and friends venturing in the GREAT outdoors!  We’re definitely soaking up and savoring summer and heading into the mountains for camping getaways!  Excited to share with you these outdoor + camping + canvas + landscape paintings created in our recent children’s workshop, SPRING IS IN THE AiRTIST!  This mixed-media painting was inspired by one of our favorite wanderlust painters, Katie Daisy and her beautiful piece, Let’s Sleep Under the Stars!  Take a peek at Katie’s inspiring paintings and our painting process with children!  Thank you @katiedaisy for your painterly inspiration, adore your style, whimsical spirit, and passion for the outdoors!

Creating In Our Outdoor Art Studio

On First Friday, we celebrated our fourth year making and creating at the annual Family Block Party in downtown Carbondale, Colorado!  This year we were inspired to paint and embellish ice cream cones, as we’re heading into an ice cream theme for our upcoming workshop: BEEP BEEP! SWEET TREATS!  This workshop will be focusing on retro ice cream truck sculptures, sweet treats, and more!  There are just a few spaces if you’d like to join in!  Here’s a peek at our upcoming summer + school year {hands on + mixed media} art workshops for Modish Mini Makers!  My magical + mama + maker-friend, Bar over at Art Bar Blog, created an amazing DIY~ Cardboard Ice Cream Cones, which inspired our paper ice creams for this downtown event!  Can you believe in just four hours, young artists created over 115 of these lovely ice cream cones as take-home treasures!  The evening was like running our own ice cream parlor as it buzzed with sweetness!  Join us over on our Instagram for more daily inspiration!

As the ice cream cones were drying, each unique piece created such a colorful + eye-catching + delicious backdrop!

You can take a peek below at our stations and setup within our outdoor art studio, but head on over to Art Bar Blog for the supplies and process on making your own Cardboard Ice Cream Cone, it’s truly a happy place!  The possibilities are endless!  Art Bar is a must-follow + favorite + colorful-creative on Instagram, stop by her collection and say H-E-L-L-O!  You’ll find so much clever-colorful-crafty-creativeness!