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Registration Process + Payment

HANDMAKERY art classes and workshops fill quickly!  Your PAYMENT IN FULL RESERVES YOUR SPACE IN OUR WORKSHOPS.  We greatly appreciate online payment via PayPal to reserve your space in our camps + classes + workshops.  Please complete registration online & payment online via PayPal.  Confirmation from PayPal and our studio (after registration) guarantees your child’s space.  If you don’t receive confirmation from both PayPal and our studio, you are NOT registered.  If you are not able to pay online please contact us as soon as possible and we can make payment arrangements.  Please note, when you register for classes, you’ll be prompted to sign a one time Permission Form/Waiver.  It is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to keep our Permission Form/Waiver updated and current. Signed documents can not be altered, please request a NEW Permission Form/Waiver if you need to update.

Sold Out Classes

If a class is sold out, we would appreciate you joining our Waiting List by contacting us with name, age, phone + class(es) of interest at!

Missed Classes + Cancellations + Change of Plans

We can only issue STUDIO CREDIT (good for one year) within a specific timeframe (following the details noted, below), once you are enrolled in a class/workshop/camp/and/or event. To be issued a STUDIO CREDIT, the studio must be provided with a written email requesting a STUDIO CREDIT for the specific class/workshop/camp/and/or event that your child is NOT able to attend. Written documentation needs to be received thirty (30) days before the start date of a school year class/workshop/and/or event AND forty-five (45) days before a camp. After (45) days in advance to a camp, we can offer credit – less a $50 processing fee – IF we are able to fill the spot, otherwise, camps are non-refundable/non credited. Requests can be sent to We do not issue refunds, only STUDIO CREDITS, so it’s important to plan ahead. Please know, we’ll always do our best to be fair, understanding, and to kindly work with you as ever situation is uniquely different.

We are not able to refund or offer private makeup classes for missed classes.

In the rare event, a class/workshop/camp/and/or event is canceled, due to lack of interest, we will either issue a refund or apply tuition to another workshop of your choice, depending on availability. Due to an unforeseen/incredibly rare circumstance, ex. illness, an instructor may need to reschedule a specific class/workshop/camp/and/or event.

We greatly appreciate if you send an email ahead of time, if your child will not be attending a class.

Please note, policies are subject to change without notice!

Contact Information

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make sure HANDMAKERY has all current/updated information.  Please be sure to notify us of any changes, ex. phone numbers, addresses, email, medical, individuals authorized for pickup + and additional information that may change.  Please also keep online Permission Forms updated and current. Signed Permission Forms can’t be altered, so we are happy to send you a NEW link to create a NEW Signed Permission Form.


Dress for a creative mess!  We are not responsible for damaged clothing.


At HANDMAKERY, it is important for us to promote wellness.  If you think there’s a chance your child is not feeling their best, please opt to keep them home to keep everyone in the studio healthy!

Snow Days

We will follow the Roaring Fork School District snow day policy.  If the local school district is closed for a snow day, we will schedule a make-up class.

Please note: Policies are subject to change without notice!