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Creating In Our Outdoor Art Studio

On First Friday, we celebrated our fourth year making and creating at the annual Family Block Party in downtown Carbondale, Colorado!  This year we were inspired to paint and embellish ice cream cones, as we’re heading into an ice cream theme for our upcoming workshop: BEEP BEEP! SWEET TREATS!  This workshop will be focusing on retro ice cream truck sculptures, sweet treats, and more!  There are just a few spaces if you’d like to join in!  Here’s a peek at our upcoming summer + school year {hands on + mixed media} art workshops for Modish Mini Makers!  My magical + mama + maker-friend, Bar over at Art Bar Blog, created an amazing DIY~ Cardboard Ice Cream Cones, which inspired our paper ice creams for this downtown event!  Can you believe in just four hours, young artists created over 115 of these lovely ice cream cones as take-home treasures!  The evening was like running our own ice cream parlor as it buzzed with sweetness!  Join us over on our Instagram for more daily inspiration!

As the ice cream cones were drying, each unique piece created such a colorful + eye-catching + delicious backdrop!

You can take a peek below at our stations and setup within our outdoor art studio, but head on over to Art Bar Blog for the supplies and process on making your own Cardboard Ice Cream Cone, it’s truly a happy place!  The possibilities are endless!  Art Bar is a must-follow + favorite + colorful-creative on Instagram, stop by her collection and say H-E-L-L-O!  You’ll find so much clever-colorful-crafty-creativeness!

Within our tent, we set up three different scrumptious stations:

  • Yummy flavors painting two scoops
  • Pinch of glittery sugar sprinkles
  • Tasteful topping embellishments + a cherry-on-top + corrugated cardboard waffle cone

Favorite ice cream paint flavors:

  • Pink- Bubblegum
  • Orange- Orange sherbet
  • Yellow- Lemony sorbet
  • Mint- Mint chocolate chip
  • Turquoise- Tasty twist
  • Blue- Blueberry
  • White- Whip cream
  • Tan- Waffle cone

A little maker mesmerized by the motion!

This tiny tot favored our flavor lemony sorbet!

The face painting throughout the evening was just so stunning!  Look at this beautiful butterfly!

A pinch of glittery sugar sprinkles to spice up an ice cream cone!

Loved these colorful ice cream scoops we found to add festivity to our ice cream parlor!

Tasteful toppings to embellishment, mixed with a cherry-on-top, and overlapped with corrugated cardboard to make a real waffle cone!

Love how sugary sprinkles dazzled this mini-maker and her ice cream cone!

You may notice rocks in the mix and wonder about this little lovely addition!  When our outdoor studio was just getting underway, a huge gust of wind nearly took everything down, of course with the added showering storm.  The children quickly started collecting rocks to hold everything in place, it worked magically.  A BIG THANK YOU to all those little helpful hands!  When creating an outdoor art studio, you’re always up against nature’s elements, but somehow the sun always seems to shine!

Enormous chocolate chip cookies always go hand-in-hand with ice cream!  Maybe you’ve tried the famous chocolate chipper?  Who wouldn’t agree!?!

Have you ever seen cleanup look so elegant as this little miracle maker?

Thank you to all the volunteers that came out to donate their time, all the families that came to support this local event and all the mini makers that joined us in our outdoor art studio!  Life is good when you’re all hands on!  Until next Family Block Party, keep calm and keep creating!

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