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Contemporary Crafty Clutch

Summer is here and we celebrated our kick-off to June with our first summertime CRAFT NIGHT: Under the Stars + In the Studio!  Our special summer craft nights are open up to crafters ages 6-9 and we host one of these special evenings each month in our art studio (a great date night parents)!  This time around we happened to have all girls jump into fill our workshop, so we hopped on creating a freshly designed + one-of-a-kind + DIY CONTEMPORARY CRAFTY CLUTCH!  A very simple project that we were able to just about complete in two hours!  We came across these simple + little felt clutches and swooped on a huge stack, knowing they’d be so much fun to embellish with our crafters!


  • A simple felt clutch (we purchased our locally but you could also stitch a simple one similar)
  • Felt sheets (3 sheets of 3 different colors to compliment your clutch)
  • Heavy weight handmade paper stencils (2″ small + 3″ large circle and 2″ leaf shape)
  • Ebony pencil or white fabric/chalk pencil (for tracing stencil on light and dark felt)
  • Scissors
  • Cool temp glue gun + glue sticks
  • Pom-poms (small)
  • Rick-rack + pom-pom trim


ONE   Select a color scheme by collecting three different colors of felt sheets that compliment your felt clutch.

contemporary crafty clutch |

TWO   Trace large circles five times on first color for outside flower.  Trace small circle five times on second color for inside flower.  Trace leave shape 15 times on third color for leaves.  Use Ebony pencil (on dark colors you may need a white fabric/chalk pencil)  to trace all of your paper stencils onto your felt sheets.  Once you have five circles on one sheet of felt, draw simple petals as large “u-shapes” sitting on the circle line.  Keep petals or “u-shapes” to 5-6 in terms of quantity so flower is easy to cutout.  Steps are the same for large and small flower.  Cut out leaves.

Children love to create with felt as it is very easy to cut and instantly has a nice and finished edge.

THREE   Arrange flowers small on top and large underneath with three leaves back behind.  Instantly each child wanted to create a symmetrical layout, encourage each artist to experiment with placement of their flowers.  It could be a perfect time to discuss symmetry verses asymmetry.  Use a low temp glue gun to glue flowers together one at a time with leaves on back.  Select five small pom-poms to glue into center of flower.  Once each flower is assembled and glued together bring all pieces over to felt clutch to arrange and glue down using a low temp glue gun.

Love how each artist expressively created a unique arrangement and original color scheme.  It was my daughter’s first evening crafting at HANDMAKERY!  This was a special night for both of us, as she is just getting to the age to join in on all the workshop fun!

FOUR   Layout complimenting rick-rack and pom-pom trim for additional detailing.  Measure the distance of the upper and lower width and cut with scissors.  This can also be attached using a cool temp glue gun.  Running a small line of glue and attaching, repeating the process.  Rick-rack can also be a fun detail within the leaves.

A peek at a complete + colorful CONTEMPORARY CRAFTY CLUTCH.

…and she is off for a night out on the town!  Love how this artist, actually my little one, created a unique arrangement using the leaves grouped together and of course added an extra flower for extra flavor + fun.

Join us for upcoming SUMMER + SCHOOL YEAR workshops as they are here and filling fast!

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