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A Modern Macaroni Masterpiece

We are beyond excited to share our simple DIY today: A Modern Macaroni Masterpiece!  Today we are coming together with many of our favorite kid + art bloggers all part of the Rockin’ Art Moms to bring you the #themacaronichallenge!  Below you’ll find several “over the top and beyond ideas using pasta” to make + create with children!  I think you’ll be amazed!  You’ll also discover we have an exciting opportunity + giveaway planned and would LOVE for YOU to join us!

A quick + close up peek at what we’ve been up to in the studio.  Can you believe it’s with pasta?  A little more than your average macaroni necklace, right?  This design is super simple and all you need is just a few additional supplies to get started making your own!

We were thrilled to create within a “fluorescent color scheme” and so fortunate to find everything we needed within this color pallet, including our paint, yarn and clay!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  •   a variety of dry pastas that can be threaded
  •   tempera paint + paint brushes for pasta painting
  •   polymer clay for beads + oven + wooden skewer
  •   yarn for mini pom poms + fork + scissors
  •   pony beads
  •   pipe cleaners

A peek at our process!  Painting pasta by hand has its way of creating colorful little hands, so washing hands + brushes between colors became the ritual!  Our pasta needed overnight to completely dry, so thinking ahead, it’s great to make a day out of just pasta painting!

Our metal trays we picked up thrifting worked wonders for paint + pasta + organization!

This might be the yummiest lunch we’ve ever seen seen!  Would you agree?

Polymer clay comes in blocks but we think it’s more “kid-friendly” to divide it into smaller cubes for little hands to create new + exciting combinations.  You just warm it with your hands and the rest is history!  It’s one of our favorite art supplies to create with and it bakes quickly and hardens without shrinking.  The colors it come in are luscious!

Stack shaped + decorated beads on a wooden skewer to bake, but be sure they’re all separated before baking on a low temp or you might end up with one gigantic bead.

We enjoyed adding details such as spirals, polka dots and more, to give our beads added appeal and one-of-a-kind character.

We loved all the exciting color combinations, embellishments {polka dots to swirls to stripes} on all these little clay beads.  It gave this project a playful + one-of-a-kind touch!  Kids love working with this fabulous clay and so do I!

Select yarns that create unity with your selected color scheme for mini pom poms.

Pom pom making!  This was our first time to create mini-pom poms and they were so much fun for little hands.  We followed this simple tutorial.  Once you make one, you just get addicted and can’t stop, believe us!!!

Stringing with symmetry!  Divide painted noodles by color and size.  Layout your desired design or just be spontaneous and get going!  Start with a center bead on the very bottom of your necklace, centered on a pipe cleaner.  Begin to add beads, focusing on balance + symmetry.  If you put a pink bead on the left, you would put a pink bead on the right.  Keep working upward with your necklace on a flat surface.  Add painted pasta, pony beads, handcrafted + baked clay beads + handmade mini-pom poms.  As your pipe cleaners fill on each side, carefully twist a new pipe cleaner on.  We discovered you could easily “branch out” to add more character and dimension!  Pipe cleaners are easy for children to bend, twist and cut!  Continue to add until you get your desired length.  Bring the ends together at the top together and twist.  The possibilities are endless, we can’t wait to make many more, so stay tuned!

Crazy Cool Pasta Art Projects_Pin + Posts

Above is a peek at a lovely collage with all the other pasta projects you can peek at today!  All these “pasta lovers” or really “art lovers” are all part of the Rockin Art Moms!  You can follow this highly creative group on Pinterest and Facebook!  We’ve linked all these lovely projects pictured above, dow below!  Please do check them out, you’ll truly be amazed and inspired at the the overflowing creativity for creating with children!

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the macaroni challenge_square

The Rockin Art Moms would LOVE for you to join us on this exciting #themacaronichallenge!  Are you inspired to make something amazing with pasta?  The Rockin’ Art Moms are opening the Macaroni Challenge up to everyone!

Here are the step to join in on all the fun!

1.  Create a one-of-a-kind pasta project.

2.  Post a photo in these locations: The Rockin Art for Kids Facebook Page and on Instagram using the the tag #TheMacaroniChallenge but know it’s open to all types of pastas!

Challenge ends on May 10. During this week the Rockin’ Art Moms will be sharing some of our favorite projects on our Facebook Pages so be sure to stay tuned!

BONUS GIVEAWAY:  All projects posted on the The Rockin Art for Kids Facebook Page will be entered in an amazing Rockin’ Art Moms Book Giveaway.  Sorry entries are restricted to residence of the US and Canada only.  The winner will be selected at random from the entries and announced on Instagram and the Rockin’ Art for Kids Facebook page on Sunday May 10, 2015.  Join us!

PRIZE GIVEAWAY:  Will include incredible books from the Rockin’ Art Moms:  Happy Handmade (ebook) from MollyMoo, 150 Screen Free Activites for Kids from Fun at Home with Kids, Tinkerlab from Tinkerlab and The Artful Year + The Artful Parent from The Artful Parent!

Sound amazing…get started today!  Can’t wait to see what you and your children create with the endless possibilities of pasta!  Pictured below are the books up for grabs…don’t they look amazing to add into your creative collection!?!

Rockin' Art Moms


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