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Winter Vintage Cottage


Our Winter Vintage Cottages were created in our workshop HANDMAKERY FROM THE HEART: making + creating to give with 6 – 9 year olds!  The Winter Vintage Cottage was our third project in a six-week session!  The children absolutely LOVED working on these!  Most children created their cottage as special gifts for a loved one!  We were excited that the cottage could light up with a flameless tea light and be used for a nightlight!  With all the windows it has fabulous ambiance!    Our biggest challenge was finding enough of these fabulous little houses, but with friends and family searching across two states, we had just enough for our seventeen HANDMAKERY artists!  Thank goodness for family and friends that searched high and low, making room in their travels for these delightful pieces to inspire!  Here is a little gift to welcome your NEW YEAR focused on making + creating + crafting + exploring creativity + being hands-on + celebrating mixed-media!  Enjoy our DIY to guide and inspire you in making your own Winter Vintage Cottage!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Winter Vintage Cottage:

A paper mache house

Tempera paint + paint brushes

Patterned papers + scissors + customized templates

Glue stick + white glue + cool temp hot glue + cool temp glue gun

A place or space for an art-filled creative mess with lots of sparkle


Sparkly foam for shutters

Silver + pine pipe cleaners for eves

Patterned paper straws for eves + edging

Glittery greenery in vintage colors for porch

Miniature trees and tiny + shiny wrapped gifts

Glitter or ornament flakes for snow on roof top and on ground

Flameless tea light candle for an inside glow

A peek at the busy bees priming + painting the cottage interior + exterior!

Moving into the snowy + wintery rooftop.

A proud + confident little artist ready to start creating with paper + embellishment!

Our process:

Paint your house.  We used white so our vintage patterned papers could mix and match and selected a color for a snow-filled rooftop.

Create customized templates for eves, chimney, shutters, front door and floor to trace onto patterned paper.  Cut and gluestick.  We used a combination of vintage inspired papers.

Sticky sparkly foam can easily peel for window shutters.

Use white glue or hot glue to add silver +  pine pipe cleaners for eves and patterned paper straws for eves and edging.  Use wooden clothespins to help hold while drying.

Use white glue or hot glue to add vintage colored embellishments such as glittery greenery to front porch, miniature trees, and tiny + shiny wrapped gifts inside and outside.

Taking this project a step further, children can become interior designers + furniture makers, focusing on the interior space of their Winter Vintage Cottage!

Selecting and cutting the vintage patterned papers following handmade + customized templates you create for your cottage.

A few of our favorite embellishments each artist was able to select and incorporate onto + into their Winter Vintage Cottage.

Loved the sparkle + shine created on the snowy roof top using ornament flakes!  They are really messy but worth every bit, but know we warned you!

Tiny + shiny wrapped gifts for inside and outside.  They added the perfect touch of vibrant color + small detail.

Sparkly + vintage inspired greenery added fabulous texture and the feel life in the forest!

A handful of miniature pine trees in an assortment of sizes.

A peek at the studio filled with our 3-D snowflake medallions on the night of our Winter Vintage Cottage mini-art show + recognition ceremony for our final evening of HANDMAKERY FROM THE HEART!  These snowflakes were inspired by the ever so creative + talented, Bar Rucci, over at  Art Bar Blog: a happy place (and it definitely is so very happy)!  We created over 60 strands of 10 snowflakes to gift teachers!  They’re so much fun to make and create in the wintertime, as they’re all one-of-a-kind and 3-D!  Thank you @artbarblog for sharing the magic, believe us… she shares A LOT of magic + inspiration + creativity for children!

HANDMAKERY families attending our Winter Vintage Cottage mini-art show + recognition ceremony for our final evening of HANDMAKERY FROM THE HEART: making + creating to give!

A flameless tea light candle was the best addition ever!  It created the perfect amount of ambiance, warmth and beauty; of course with a very memorable moment of ooh la la’s!

A quick capture of when the lights when out and the magic began!  The darkness and all the cottages aglow created a magical moment of wonder!  Everyone was caught in a moment of reflecting on the beauty, magic and spirit of the holiday season!  It was absolutely beautiful as the soft glow and sparkle came to life, knowing they were created by these all these little creative hands!

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