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Handmade little Entrepreneur: pop-up shop + mini-market

Our 2014/2015 SCHOOL YEAR {HANDS-ON + MIXED-MEDIA) ART WORKSHOPS are up and running!  Session I led the way with our workshop: HANDMADE little ENTREPRENEUR designed for artists 6 – 9 years of age!  Shown above, are logos dreamed + designed + created by each artist in our workshop for their individual art + small business, in which they sold their handmade goods in a pop-up shop + mini-market!

In this six-week workshop we focused on small business upstart and crafting handmade goods!  Our last day included friends + family joining in for a pop-up shop + mini-market, shown above!  Website home pages + logos + product packaging were displayed, business cards were given out, and one-of-a-kind handmade goods were sold!  It was truly an amazing experience for everyone involved!  Thinking back to my childhood, I will never forget being involved in our school mini-market and spending summer days creating little businesses with my sister and selling various handmade goods!  Growing up we were lucky to have an arts and craft store at biking distance.  Most of our money was spent at the arts and crafts shop, probably more than we earned.  My childhood is filled with memories of crafting lots of handmade goods, anywhere homemade worry dolls, to leather + concho belts, to elastic + fabric hair ties, to sewn bags and more!

A collection of homemade + lovely salt dough ornaments for individual purchase created by Nina’s Awesome Art!  The Imagination Tree has a fabulous recipe that we used for our salt dough here!

Buyers + sellers at our pop-up shop + mini-market!

Our money was a colorful currency!  Exchange of funds and goods in action!

The proud business owner of Cool Art Design anxiously awaiting her first customer!

Handmade goods included abstract + artful clipboards, stenciled garland, and salt dough ornaments!

Looking forward to seeing this talented group move into selling more  handmade goods at our local farmer’s market with the CRAFTY KIDS OF CARBONDALE and at the Carbondale Mountain Fair this summer!

LOOKING BACK {a peek at the process}:

A peek into brainstorming + sketching + designing logos, and measuring + mixing up their own batch of salt dough!

An artist experimenting with texture + metallic paint!

One designer created a business called Creative Owl.  Here is a peek at her finalized logo, just before adding color.  Seeing the process of each logo evolve from initial brainstorm, to sketches, to finalized drawing, to final + colored version was magical!  I had to remind myself they were only 6 – 9 years old- wow, such creative + young talent!

…and waalaa!!!  Here is her final logo ready to go digital and then to print for business cards, labels, product packaging, advertisements, website homepage… endless possibilities!

A peek into texture experimentation + creating abstract + artful clipboards.  This artist had a plan even before he arrived, looking at the inspiration from his morning selection of this fabulous tie-dye shirt!

Yes, definitely all hands-on here!

One artist applying a little stencil detail to her clipboard creation!

Just loved seeing all these handmade goods anxiously awaiting dry-time + individualized logos + labels + dreaming of their future home or office!  You can buy clipboards in bulk here!

Capturing the beauty “all round” is truly a “full circle” experience!

Yes, they are all pretty amazing little maker, so proud of their amazing accomplishments!  I definitely see small to BIG business in their future!!!

Hope you’ve discovered HANDMAKERY: A Children’s Art Studio on Instagram, would LOVE to connect!

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