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A Rainbow Celebration!

Rainbow play dough via HANDMAKERY.COM

Over the weekend a sweet + adorable HANDMAKERY friend turned the magical age of five!  We were thankful (and of course SO excited) to have the opportunity to celebrate with this little one, her friends, and her family!  She loves rainbows and made a wish to have “rainbow” as her birthday theme.  She made a second wish to celebrate turning five at HANDMAKERY: A Children’s Art Studio located in beautiful Carbondale | CO!  We were honored and decided to celebrate her special day with mixing up magical + rainbow play dough!

IMG_5767 copy


We were so thankful to have the inspiration and expertise of  The Imagination Tree and their stacked rainbow dough, but instead of salt dough we decided to use their fabulous recipe for long-lasting + soft + colorful + shiny play dough!  We also decided to add a lovely paper rainbow on top of the jar with inspiration sent our way from The Crafty Crow!

IMG_5762 copy

The children ranged from five to eight years and were all VERY excited to be able to create and get messy with their friends, as you can see in their individual expressions!

IMG_5783 copy

Each artist had the opportunity to measured and mix all their own ingredients, with a little adult assistance.  We started with one ingredient until everyone had that particular ingredient, before moving on to the next ingredient.  We added all the dry ingredient first, before moving to the liquids.  Each child had their own bowl and whisk for mixing.  Once the whisks began to fill with dough and became hard to stir we cleaned them out with our fingers and moved into using hands, which was a highlight of the process!

IMG_5793 copy

Adding color was very exciting!  Each child made seven balls of play dough out of their entire mixture, one for each color.  We then came around with a color starting with pink and poked it inside the ball with a small stick.  Like The Imagination Tree mentioned in their post, we also used Wilton Icing Colors in a set of eight.  These gel dyes were vibrant in color, but did stain hands in the process of mixing which we were okay with as we knew it was not forever and that they were made to be edible.  We loved how a little went a long way and how intense the color mixed into the play dough.  We’d suggest experimenting with these dyes to determine color vibrance ahead of time.

IMG_5798 copy

Mixing, mixing, mixing!  Mixing, mixing, mixing!  Mixing, mixing, and more mixing…these little hands got a workout!

IMG_5802 copy

We used Ball Brand specific mason jars in Pint & Half  and they were the perfect size for seven balls of color, starting and ranging from pink to red to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple!  Waalaa!


We loved how the mama of the birthday girl brought reusable jars and decorative party straws to compliment, a special addition this sweet guest is enjoying!

IMG_5732 copy

It was fabulous eating all together around the elegant + low + long table and sitting in HANDMAKERY’s wooden + hand-painted chairs created just for little people to socialize in!

IMG_5753 copy

A favorite photo of the beautiful birthday girl on her day of celebration!!!


All smiles and sparkles!


The birthday girl, her brother and her mama just before “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” + cake + candles + little voices began to singing!

IMG_5750 copy

More smiles and sparkles on this little one, wearing a sweet rainbow bracelet to compliment!

IMG_5810 copy

Waiting patiently for a savored slice of famous + fabulous chocolate cake!  Yummy, yummy in the tummy!

IMG_5728 copy

An adorable birthday guest!

IMG_5826 copy

Feeling like the queen at the head of the table while eating her cake and celebrating the moment!

IMG_5719 copy

Caught in the moment and filled with excitement!

party favor

The birthday girl and her mama made these lovely rainbow themed party favors {a sketchbook, a paint set with a sweet message + a jar of cookies tied with a rainbow ribbon} for each guests to take home, in addition to their rainbow play dough in a jar!  So cute, colorful and just perfect for a rainbow themed celebration!

IMG_5840 copy

A very special day to remember!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet girl!  Treasure your magical year ahead, may everyday be filled with a pot of gold under your colorful rainbow!

IMG_5712 copy

Join us for our upcoming 2014/15 SCHOOL YEAR {HANDS-ON + MIXED-MEDIA} ART WORKSHOPS below by visiting and clicking on “classes”!  Don’t miss out, as they are quickly filling!  We’d LOVE for your child to join us!  Our favorite way to keep you updated on classes + workshops + community events is via HANDMAKERY Instagram and HANDMAKERY Facebook, please connect to stay updated + informed on our art program for children in the Roaring Fork Valley!

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