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Creative + Eco Friendly Lunch Design


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Must haves for creative and eco-friendly lunch design!  This is what we’re packing to head to the studio to create!  Love that it’s all beautiful + washable + eco-friendly!  Packing lunches = FUN!

1.  two+two chic reusable bags that are food-safe + eco-friendly and are locally based in Carbondale, Colorado.  Find them on-line, at the Aspen Saturday Market or in local shops!

2.  Stainless steel, stackable and easy to wash lunch containers with a convenient carrier system.

3.  To-Go Ware bamboo lunch utensils that include a set of chopsticks, fork, spoon, knife + a washable travel bag that clips onto your lunch box.

4.  Labels- Don’t forget to make creative + durable labels for your creative lunch wear so it will find its way back to your kitchen.  Create your own or head to Etsy!


Ami Maes

Founder + Creative Director

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