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Creating at Oktoberfest 2013 in Historic Downtown Carbondale | CO

HANDMAKERY: A Children’s Art Studio set in the outdoors of downtown!

It was a beautiful fall day that started out a little chilly but quickly warmed up as the sun began to shine in the Colorado, bluebird sky!  Art making began at 11 and didn’t end until well over 3PM as the children just kept coming downtown to create!  We had over 40+, little aspiring artists come to our art making/outdoor studio to create HARVEST CROWNS made of recycled cardboard + noodles + kid friendly paints in an array of festive fall colors + glitter to dazzle!  What a fabulous day of creative fun, set to the tunes of Polka + delicious Austrian food.  Lots of locals were out and about mingling.  Take a peek at our HANDMAKERY HARVEST CROWNS below!  A HUGE thank you to Carbondale Recreation Department for organizing this family fun event for the fall and keeping it FREE!  HANDMAKERY loved being part of Oktoberfest 2013!


HANDMAKERY HARVEST CROWN on one of our fabulous assistants!

Pictured below is a bit of what we captured when our hands weren’t full of glue, paint, glitter or tying aprons…our only wish is we could have captured even more!  Please view our entire photo collection of Oktoberfest 2013 in our HANDMAKERY GALLERY!

Our model HARVEST CROWN... a bit heavy, so we went lighter...

Our sample HARVEST CROWN… a bit heavy with five feathers so we went a little lighter!

Glitter galore!!!

Glitter galore, nothing we LOVE more than a little sparkle + shine!!!  Life is short, use more glitter!

The most detailed + precise feathers- IMPRESSIVE!

The most detailed + precise feathers- IMPRESSIVE!

Our new HANDMAKERY handmade banner

Our new HANDMAKERY handmade banner on display!  Designed + created by us.


Lovely fall colors in vibrant fluorescents + metallics!


Three HARVEST CROWNS + three sweet smiles!

Love the artful expression and beautiful HARVEST CROWN!

Love the artful expression and beautiful CROWN!

A friend of HANDMAKERY

A friend of HANDMAKERY!

HANDMAKERY creating at Oktoberfest 2013 in downtown Carbondale | CO

One of our lovely art assistants!


See LOTS more photos in our GALLERY at!

Take a peek at more photos from Oktoberfest 2013 in historic downtown Carbondale in our HANDMAKERY GALLERY!

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