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Our Vintage Camper Painting


baby blue camper green camper yellow camper clementine camper


A little vintage camper drawing {on stretched canvas} started by a little artist in our workshop creating with six to eight year olds in HANDMAKERY FROM THE HEART: making + creating to give.  Day #1 of a six week workshop, gathering to create once a week!   This project was inspired by HANDMAKERY’S  -{LOVE}-  for vintage + collected + time-worn objects, graced with patina + imperfections + textures + unique colors, that tell a one-of-a-kind story.  We dreamed up this project and envisioned it beginning 2-D, then moving into  3-D, with the addition of mixed media.  Can’t wait to show you how it evolves and gets personalized below!


A few of our personal vintage object from 2Market2: clothing + handpicked goods located in Carbondale | CO used for inspiration + learning about vintage.

Beautiful Mess

A photograph of one of our favorite vintage campers {borrowed for educational/artistic purposes} from one of our favorite blogs featuring Elsie + Emma at A Beautiful Mess.


Discovering vintage colors and developing a color pallet for our vintage camper painting. Think avocado green, bubblegum pink, creamsicle + clementine orange + more.  We LOVED when each little artist shared their specific color scheme, as they were SO excited to create their own combination and very interested in getting the exact wording! Visit + follow our collection of “vintage inspiration” on our HANDMAKERY Pinterest page!

IMG_2648 IMG_2640 IMG_2647 IMG_2643 IMG_2641 IMG_2639 IMG_2636 IMG_2638 IMG_2646 IMG_2644 IMG_2645 IMG_2637

Take a peek above at all the variations of our Vintage Camper Paintings!


A close up of a Vintage Camper Painting complete with special editions including:

  • a snowy + sparkly clothesline with wooden clips + handmade winter wear
  • skis + snowboards
  • garland created with washi tape + red and white twine
  • a personalized quote on handwriting paper
  • sparkles, shine + snowflakes, oh my!


The beginning stages of drawing + painting.


Adding additions.

HANDMAKERY garland close up


Garland for the camper.

HANDMAKERY winter clothing


Lily + Anna at HANDMAKERY


Maggie at HANDMAKERY 2



Snapshots of our first day of HANDMAKERY FROM THE HEART: making + creating to give.  Each aspiring artist jumping all in to create vibrant + expressive name tags, with LOTS of personality as they arrived.





Which vintage color scheme would you choose for your Vintage Camper Painting at HANDMAKERY?

Ami Maes

Founder + Creative Director

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2 Responses to “Our Vintage Camper Painting”

  1. Maureen — November 15, 2015 @ 1:12 am Reply

    These are wonderfully creative. I love the colors of paints you are using. Are the paints acrylic and do you mix the colors ahead of time or do you buy them this way? Where do you find these wonderful paint jars???


      HANDMAKERY — November 15, 2015 @ 2:12 am Reply

      Hello Maureen! Thank you for taking a peek at our VINTAGE CAMPER PAINTINGS! You may also enjoy our DIY on our CAMPER VANS ON CANVAS, somewhat similar! Both of these projects used tempera paint! The children mixed their own vintage tints, color + white! The jars are just small canning jars! Thank you for following along on our blog!

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