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May, 2013

A Little Handmade Watercolor

HANDMAKERY created three hand-painted watercolors to share with those “close to our hearts.”   One for the lovely Miss Kathryn Camp of Miss Kathryn’s, a licensed home childcare program, Waldorf inspired, located in downtown Carbondale, Colorado, as a little “thank you” for creating such special memories!  The original painting was framed and wrapped for Miss Kathryn and colored prints were made for each child, as a keepsake!  Another watercolor was for the lovely teachers and children of the Children’s Rocky Mountain School, a fabulous preschool, located just minutes outside of Carbondale, again as a little appreciation for such a special year together + a little memory for each child!  The third as a little gift for our very own Nana + Popi!  Handmade comes from the HEART!

Kathryn Camp Photo


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In the Studio: Sock Monkeys Sewn + Sent With Love



  • Two knee high socks that mix and match for all body pieces of your monkey
  •  An accent color of embroidery floss (1-2 skeins) for stitching+ a yarn needle
  • Stuffing…it is surprising how much you’ll end up needing
  • Two buttons + for eyes,  as you may want to layer
  • Scissors, ruler + Sharpie for marking
  • Pins + pincushion
  • Hands for crafting


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